Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Breathe

This evening at 5pm marks the beginning of a new and exciting change in our lives. It has been in the works over the last month, but today it becomes public in a very big way. I'm nervous, have butterflies in my stomach, and hope that everything goes well.

I'll have to wait to post it here (which is silly because only 4 people read this!), but as it is now only an hour away there was something in me that needed to just verbalize...I'm nervous! I know I'm not very eloquent with my writing like some I know or even some of those in blog land that I read, but this is my feeble attempt to express my tumultuous emotions.

In my life I am used to baby steps, but it seems today I am jumping off a cliff where there is officially no going back. I'll just have to plunge right in...

I pray that I can walk forward in confidence and courage knowing that God has shaped me, molded me, and prepared me for this day, this task, and this new adventure before me. I hope that I can do it with integrity, humility, and a whole lot of creativity thrown in! Right now if feels to big, more than I am capable of, but I in the peace that passes all understanding...and just breathe.

God never puts before us a task we cannot handle and with that, I trust in His sovereignty and His purpose for my life and our future. But above all, God I thank you for the blessing of this new season and the confirmation it brings to me as a person, an artist, and someone who longs to serve You in whatever place or capacity You put me. You sure are full of surprises!!

p.s I know the picture is random, but beauty speaks peace to my heart and that is what I need right now!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A first time for everything & Thrifty Shopping

Today I thought I would be brave and post at my very first Link party! Rhoda at Southern Hospitality has one every Monday where we can share our yard sale or thrifty finds of the week. For weeks now I have looked at everyone's finds and this week I thought I would have a go at sharing my own. (shh...I'm a little nervous!) My finds are not all that grand, but fun none the less. Even though I grew up going to garage sales with my mom if feels like I am just now learning how to venture out and find treasures on my own!

Well this past Saturday I helped my grandmother put on a garage sale that her church was hosting. It as actually a youth group fund raiser where you rented the space and brought your stuff to sell. We had a slight scare with rain, but thankfully only a few drops and nothing more! I had very little to sell myself, but my mom and grandmother...well that's another story because my grandmother had a whole trailer full! It was actually fun(normally I like to go to the sales-not put them on) and I found a few things along the way.

These are Kate Spade saucers I picked up. For $.75 a piece (as I know you can see...the tags would not come off and I gave up for the time being). I looked them up to see if I could find cups to match and for a set on eBay the sell for $23 for the cup and saucer! The white one has a paisley print on it that is so pretty!
At the same place I got this little urn(I think that is what you would call it!) for...well you can see... $.50.
Then another lady had this silver tray in what appeared to be a cast-a-way box of stuff. It was still in its original box! So I'll add it to my growing collection and I probably won't even clean husband asks me all the time why I don't polish the silver I find. sigh. I just seem to like it the way it is! But I'm sure if I use it for entertaining or a shower or something I'll clean it up.

While there was a decent showing of sellers I think my grandmother and mom had some of the best stuff. There were even items that made me think of others who blog and wonder "Now would they buy that?" or "what would so and so do with that?" I'm telling you-blogging and entering the blog world makes me see things in a whole new light!

And while I thought they had great stuff I had to refrain from loading up my car with it! I did manage a few things and all for free!

This little picture frame and shadow box...I plan on painting both and then I am not sure what I'll do with them after that.
Then there is this basket-love the shape and it makes me think of something Jane Austen character would carry on one of her walks. The tea cup, saucer, and tid bit plate-love it! Then again I have had a thing for tea cups since I was a kid. Then last of all the book-I am an avid reader and can consume books at an alarming rate. I haven't read this author before, but it intrigued me. Oh! and my mom bought a whole stack of books that I'll eventually get a turn at too! And I won't have to pay a cent!

I realize now there are more words than pictures! Oh well I'm learning. Thanks for having a look!

Friday, May 8, 2009


4 weeks from today we leave for vacation!!! We are meeting Mr. Wonderful's family (his parents, two siblings, and their spouses) on the east coast at the Outer Banks for a week long R&R at the beach. This is a first with his family and it will be the longest we have all been together outside of the week of our wedding.

I am already on the lookout for the perfect book(or books!) to take with me... Any suggestions?

Today I am heading out to find a swimsuit...not too thrilled with this as I have already ordered 3 different ones and not been happy! I want the vintage 1940s feel

Something like this
or this...That can be found here and I would love a big hat to go with it too!

Wish me luck!

(images borrowed from

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whirling and Twirling

The past two weeks have been none stop and filled with driving, rehearsals, lighting cues, final dance classes, rounding up tiny girls in tutus, and more make up than I can handle. It seems I can't even recognize myself now that I have gone back to "normal" amounts of make up on my face! (or none at all for that matter!)

My first instinct is to give the play-by-play of my life between two different dance studios, in two different towns, but I know it would become long and tedious and I doubt anyone would really read it anyway!

Unfortunately I was so busy the first weekend I was hardly able to think much less get any pictures of the performance where I teach modern dance. I have two classes and then take one myself. It was a great performance with over 160 dancers total! In addition to dancing I was also the stage assistant for Act I and the back stage manager for Act II. whew! It was a lot of running, reminding students to whisper, and counting dancers to see if they were all there!The beautiful flowers I received for the first weekend of them!

The week after was filled with nightly rehearsals for Giselle and the college where I graduated and still take ballet. I was also a guest choreographer there this spring for the teacher who was on maternity leave. Such a great experience despite students who never come to class!
I wish you could see the fun eye make up we did, but it is a little too far off

Giselle is all about a girl who dies of a broken heart and become a "willi" or ghost (who are jilted maidens that come out at night and trap men and cause them to dance to death!). It is quite the somber story but in the end Giselle forgives the man she loved (who wooed her even thought he was betrothed to another) and goes on to be a willi forever.Getting ready!Danielle and I just before the showalways telling stories and maybe a little drama too :)
All the little girls waiting in the "green room" to go onstageBack view of Giselle's grave the college performance credit class made...and yes it is crooked...drove me nuts all week, but I couldn't fix it!And the big girls warming up onstage right before the curtain opened!Oh the drama! We were not allowed to smile through the whole production! I cannot tell you how hard that was at times! ( just after coming off stage from the last performance...tired but still had the 2nd Act to go)

The first show was my best, but both were great and I had soo much fun. Not to mention my fancy-shmancy new pointe shoes came just in the nick of time and I love them! Too bad I won't be dancing for a little while. My life has officially slowed down now and am ready for the break. Now I can work on things at home that have been neglected. Plus I have projects to work on and post about!