Friday, November 19, 2010

It's A Boy!

This is long overdue but our little one is a boy! We are so excited and can't wait for his arrival!

It is hard to imagine what he looks like now as this seems so long ago. I do know that I am getting quite familiar with all of his little bumps and thumps and rolling around. I still don't mind it all but I know that may change as he gets more and more crowded!

One of my favorites from the ultrasound of his foot! I am amazed at how you can see all the little bones! He actually waved at us with his hand fully open during the ultrasound but unfortunately the nurse was not able to catch it in time.

I hope to post some pictures of the nursery over Thanksgiving. It still has a ways to go but Mr. Wonderful has been hard at work getting the room ready.

To Grandmother's House We Go

Right now I can barely keep my eyes open and am overwhelmed by the thought of facing 100+ cast members tomorrow from 9-4pm in our first run through of Nutcracker. All I can think of is how much I wish it was Wednesday night and I was sitting on a bar stool in my Grandmothers kitchen talking about anything and everything. She only lives 3o minutes away but Mr. Wonderful and I will spend the night there and then I'll get to help with all of the preparations for Thanksgiving when our loud and crazy family will all get together(there are a ton of us!). I love nothing more about this time of year then waking up in her house having a cup of tea and enjoying a few moments with her before the craziness begins. I don't get to see her much these days because of the my crazy life which makes me look forward to this week all the more. Plus there is always something new to learn from her!

My lovely Grandmother the day of my wedding...I've discovered by doing this post that I don't have any picture of us! This is such a shame and something I will have to fix. I know we've taken pictures together so they must be on other people cameras.

My sister, Grandmother, and I celebrating her 75th birthday!

Well now that I have taken a moment to think about the wonderful things to come...I'll take a deep breath...and brace myself for tomorrow.

In the mean time I am now 30 weeks! It is so incredibly hard to believe I only have 10 weeks left! It feels like this time of being pregnant is flying by!