Friday, August 6, 2010

The Summer of Dreams

Wonder of all wonders another dream is coming true! Come January 25th, Mr. Wonderful and I will welcome our very own special little bundle.

13 Weeks

We are thrilled and overwhelmed with the blessing this little one will be and knowing how our lives will forever change. We pray the Lord directs us and gives us the grace and guidance to do all we can to love him or her in the way He leads.

15 Weeks


  1. ahhh ashlee! many congratulations and so many blessings on your growing bundle!!! enjoy all the preparation {of the gear and your heart} as you await the birth of your first...oh how that babe will take your heart away! hope you are feeling well!

  2. hello little momma!!! just popped in to see how you and the growing bump are! my dad told {ummm such a small world!!!} me what you were having...i am so excited for you! hope you are feeling well!